A small guide to choosing the best thermostatic shower valve

A lot of us love to enjoy that warm and relaxing shower especially when you just got home from work or if the weather is really cold. But what would you do if you suddenly feel cold water running from your face down to your body? I bet that would startle you, and it could be very annoying!

To avoid having this problem, you must invest in a good shower valve; something that won’t break easily. You can have a thermostatic valve on both your shower and bathtub. Read the shower valve reviews, and see which one is the best.

Meanwhile, we are going to provide you with a small guide as to how you can choose the best thermostatic shower valve.

Selecting the best thermostatic shower valve

showeBack in the day, most homeowners were utilizing manual shower valves. But now, this type is no longer the trend. A lot of people are already using the so-called thermostatic shower valve which is considered to be a lot better than the traditional one.

With that said, you should also invest in one, so you can enjoy its benefits. Here are the things that you need to remember when choosing the best thermostatic shower valve:


Some shower valves of this type have two handles; others have three. With the two-handled shower valve, the first handle is for controlling the temperature while the other one is for turning the water on or off. With this, you must first set the valve to the right temperature, and after that, all you got to do is to turn the other one off when you longer need the water.

On the other hand, the shower valves with three handles will allow you to control the temperature, turn the shower head on, and turn the water off altogether. Obviously, this type provides more control, that is why a lot of people prefer this.


Just like any fixtures that you can find in your bathroom, there are various designs that come with thermostatic shower valves. This would be your personal choice. But as a general rule, choose a design that will match that of the interior of your bathroom as well as its other components.


showeThermostatic shower valves also come with different prices. But you should never go with something cheap as it is likely that it is also cheaply made. This will only give you more frustrations later on when it starts acting up. Therefore, you should do things right the first time. Purchase a shower valve that will last for a long time. If you look around, you will surely find good deals.