How to Choose a Good Realtor

You are faced with a housing issue or want to buy or sell a house. Don’t have time to deal with bureaucratic red tape and other troubles in housing registration on your own? But the very fact of the issue requires a prompt solution. In this case, the solution is to entrust your housing problems to a highly qualified specialist. You can hire a realtor, real estate broker, or agent in such a situation. If you are looking for brokers for real estate barrie, then Faris Team is the best option. Here are some tips for choosing a real estate specialist:

Recommendation from Friends

According to statistical surveys, the first thing people do when looking for a realtor to solve their housing needs is to turn to friends and acquaintances, relying on their recommendations. About 60% of clients of real estate agencies seek help on the recommendation of friends or acquaintances.

If your friends have recentlyrealtor successfully carried out the process of exchanging, buying, selling, or even renting a house through an intermediary, it would be advisable to ask them for the contact information of a specialist. If there are no such people in your circle of acquaintances, start by studying specialized media (Internet, newspapers, and real estate magazines). Analyze information correctly.


A convenient location is an important factor. In most cases, the firm is active in the surrounding areas. Most often, realtors are well aware of the market situation of “their” area. This is especially useful if you are selling an apartment or will buy it in a specific area. As a rule, agencies are perfectly aware of the pricing situation in “their” territory. So, they really will make every effort to sell your apartment more expensive and buy it cheaper.

Membership in Associations and Partnerships

It’s no secret that there are professional guilds that regulate the ethical side of companies’ work. Membership in the guild of realtors is a positive indicator of adherence to general norms of social responsibility in the provision of services.

Specialist Consultation

If this type of servicereal estate agent is indicated in the ad, be sure to use it. After all, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted in absentia with the atmosphere of the agency, with the people who work there. When you first call the agency of your choice, pay attention to how quickly they answered you, how politely and professionally they talked to you, how much they could identify your needs. In self-respecting companies, they pay great attention to the first call. It doesn’t matter at all on the working day you called, or on the weekend. The work should be organized regardless of this.